Saturday, February 11, 2012

Get Comfy with Back to Black

Back to Black is open for business!  But before you run off to see what all the amazing designers have out for you, I thought I'd give you another quick preview!  Starting with the beautiful skin, Emmy, that AV!Sage has out for you and these super comfy Sweat Pants from Iren!  Oh and did I mention the sweatpants are mesh?  Makes them even that much better!  You can also pick up the poses I'm using below called Wish Pose Pack, from Aushka & Co.

You need more then one set of comfy clothes for lounging around in, or heading to the gym if you're so inclined, and you can grab these two from Izzies and Shush.  And just in case you do journey out, you need a great bag, right?  Make sure to stop by Aura's stand and check this one out!

Last but not least, here's your RIDE to Back to Black! Happy Shopping!

Also wearing..

Hair - Truth - Tammy (Sangria)
Hoodie - Insanya - No Command (Mesh)
Shoes - X-Dream - Uniques Chelsea

Poses in Pic 2 - Adorkable - Bag Lady II

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