Friday, January 28, 2011

A travelling I will go..

or at least in my dreams.  It's friday and for a change I actually have off work the entire weekend.  I'd love to go away somewhere but alas I believe home is where I'll be staying.  But just in case, I'm all packed and ready!

~Style Card~

Skin - Pink Fuel - Ember (honey - Scene)
Hair - Tiny Bird - D.A.N.C.E (Group Gift)
Ears - Illusory - Elven Ear B3
Eyes - Plastik - Frozen Soul (Turtle)
Eye Makeup - Grixdale Kozmetika - Dynamic Shadow (Seafoam)
Blush - Grixdale Kozmetika - Bapid - Blush (60%)
Lipgloss - Cheap Makeup Kozmetika - Miss Priss Lipgloss 5
Collar - Bubble - Skull Posture Collar V2
Jacket - Bubble - Black Leather Jacket
Shirt - Magoa - Shameless Shirt (black) *NEW*
Nails - Rezlpsa Loc Kozmetika - Black Cherry Nails
Suitcase - Tee*fy - Mini Suitcase Retro (Gatcha prize)
Jeans - This is a Fawn - Pegged Jeans (Grass Stained) (FLF)
Boots - Tiny Bird - Wanderer Boots (Olive) (FLF)
Poses from Adorkable (Baglady pose set)

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