Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Whole Lotta Mischief

Have you checked out Mischief yet?  If not you definately should.  There are all sorts of cuteness to be had.  I've been holding onto a few different outfits from Mischief for awhile now trying to decide what exactly I wanted to do with them but when Ed Papp, the designer behind the store dropped her newest release the Soft Night Dress on me last night I thought it was the perfect time to put those outfits to use and show off her talent.

First off, that new release I mentioned!  It comes with everything shown, besides the skin and hair, of course (which I've blogged tons before).  The very cute pose and all the poses I'm using in this post are from Adorkable's new pose pack, Pencil and come with mirrored poses as well as the regular version.

Edd makes all sorts of really cute sweaters and dresses.  Here's a quick lineup of some of my favorites!  Jeans are also from Mischief and come in a variety of shades as you can see.

From left to right:  Cold Shoulder Sweater (Raspberry) / Intertwine (Sage) / Bees Knees (Lime) / Mallory (Strawberry)

And last but not least, here's your ride to go check out these (and so much more) for yourself!