Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

I love Halloween! It's one of my absolute favorite holidays. Candy, costumes, parties.. did I mention candy?  How can you go wrong? As I was poking thru Halloween gifts I came upon one from Heartsick and one from Miel and knew that I absolutely had to show these to you. Mainly because of the pumpkin theme. Love!

From the Heartsick VIP group (250L to join) we got a pack of skins (with ears), a dress, and great orange boots, aptly named Pumpkin Queen. I absolutely love the skin. So pretty and anything that includes ears has my heart anyway. Have a peek!

And this cute little dress and backpack from Miel that was sent out thru their SoM is just to cute. Expecially the little animated faces on the pumpkins. I couldn't resist. 

Hope you all have an awesome and safe Halloween!

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