Monday, November 1, 2010

The Zombies have invaded CF

That's right the zombies have invaded Concrete Flowers!  And to celebrate there is all sorts of new goodness to be had.  Something fun just for you zombie lovers, eyes, a hair clip, and a dress.. Wow.  Lynaja has been busy busy busy.  Have a look!

 And here is a closer look at that hair clip because it's to cute. Oh and the eyes I'm wearing are the green set of the zombie eyes.  There are five colors to choose from!

And last but not least... Zombies sometimes need a snack too.  Would you rather know what they're eating.. it could be you afterall.  This is a fun one. And beside everything's better on a stick, right?

So much fun to be had this week!  Here's your RIDE to Concrete Flowers to grab all these for yourself.

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