Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun From Fierce

A few days back I logged on to find a fun pack of costumes from Fierce in my inventory.  And even more fun there were male and female costumes and the male costumes were transferrable.  Yay!  So I grabbed my husband and told him to come play dress up with me.  We had so much fun!  If you're still lacking a Halloween costume for that big party tonight be sure to stop by Fierce.  You're bound to find something fun!

First up we have Edward and Bella from Twilight, of course.

Jasmine and Alladin are up next.  Though Alladin seems to have turned a bit demonic.. he just couldn't take off his horns.  lol

Then we have The Hitcher and the very cute Bumblebee!

And last but not least, and I think this one has to be my favorite.. we both got to be Elvis for a little while.. I think I make one sexy Elvis.. don't you?

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