Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fishing with Sn@tch - Satanica

Have you been to Sn@tch yet to grab the newest outfit from the fishing pond?  No?  Why in the world not?  Don't like to fish?  If you'd rather not spend the time pulling your hair out over that one elusive piece you can also buy it from the vendor right beside the pond.  Whichever way you choose Satanica is definately a must have for your Sn@tch wardrobe!  Have a look!

And there are, as always with the pond outfits, multiple ways to wear it.  From a sexy bustier with the jeans to a long sweeping skirt.  You'll look like a million lindens either way!  The outfit also comes complete with horns and demon eyes to complete the look.

As always, here's your RIDE.  Get fishing!

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