Saturday, October 30, 2010

New from Sn@tch and Hopscotch...

Welcome to another week of new releases from Sn@tch! Love sweater season?  Then you're going to absolutely love what Ivey has in store for you this week.

First up, my favorite of the week, is the Glamour Sheer Sweaters which I've mixed with the Capris, called 'The office'. These are just a few of the colors that you get.  She's outdone herself this week with these!  And I must mention the terrific pose prop that I'm using. It's new from Hopscotch and it's absolutely cute. As well as having multiple poses to choose from you can change the texture of the pillow and the design on the window.

If I had to name my second favorite it would have to be this sweater set, 'More then Madness' It comes in seven great colors and comes with this fab Trocadero Skirt in black. You can also pick up the skirt in multiple colors as well so make sure to check those out.

And last but not least is the Velvet Drape Dresses. Nothing I can really say other then they're absolutely gorgeous and you really need to just see them for yourself.

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