Monday, June 10, 2013

Ice Cream = Happiness

I saw some pictures of this cute little sim by Kaelyn Alecto called It all starts with a smile on Vixxie Vultee's Blog and knew I had to check it out.  There are so many gorgeous places to grab a picture but for these pics I didn't make it very far from where I teleported in.  I saw this cute sign about happiness and ice cream and knew where this post was going.  The sign you ask?  It was this one..


Perfect huh?  BUT this is about the fashion so onto the great stuff I'm wearing..  First the pic and then I'll tell you where I picked all that great stuff up!


I adore this great little Skater Dress that Fashionably Dead has out at Collabor88 and the mint color is awesome.  Definately a must demo!  Speaking of Collabor88, that's also wear I picked up the skin I'm wearing from Glam Affair.  This is a version of her Margot skin in the petal skintone.

I'm also loving the extremely adorable new hair from Ploom called Dolly.  Those cute bows I'm wearing aren't include with the hair.  They're made by my bff Manda and aren't available for sale.  Sorry folks!  They are adorable though, aren't they?  As for Manda, she's also the creator of the tattoo I'm wearing today.  It's her Oh My Stars tattoo from trs and you can pick it up for half price at the Thrift Shop Event.

The last few bits I'm wearing.. the necklace you can pick up from Pekka at Numerology, the ring is another great find at Collabor88 from Okkbye, and the nails are new at Bamboo Nails.

And one last picture for you.  A closeup of the skin!  Happy Shopping!


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