Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sinful Needs

I haven't done anything fantasy for you in quite awhile but it's still and always will be one of my first loves.  SO!  I have some amazingness to show you courtesy of Sinful Needs.  I've gone on and on a time or three about Fallen Gods but the other shop on my MUST check out list for all your fantasy needs is definately Sinful Needs.  Galathir Darkstone is amazingly talented and has one of the best hud systems for his stuff that I've seen, though I do admit it is a little complicated and takes some learning.  (It's definately worth it though.)  Everything is extremely detailed and you must check these out for yourself.

Today I was lucky enough to be able to share one of his newer creations with you, the Basilisk Skin.  The skin comes in a male version, called Morkoth and female, as shown below, Marilith.  (Wearing the F01 Basic pack below)  Each full pack comes with a shape that you can modify as needed, two sets of eyes, and a bunch of mesh accessories (all shown below).  You can also change the surface of the accessories via the hud that I mentioned above.  Everything is very customizable!  But for those that don't want to spend quite as much there's still a pack for you.  The basic pack still comes with mesh horns, a shape, and two eye options.  Still a lot of great stuff for your buck!  Have a look and then stop by Sinful Needs to demo it for yourself!


Also Shown..

Hair from Wasabi Pills (Dragon - Dark Flame)

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