Sunday, January 13, 2013

Catching Up

As you might've noticed I've been a bit.. umm.. nonexistent lately.  I'm sorry!  Real life has been busy busy and it's left me with little energy to blog.  BUT, I wanted to at least attempt to get back on track and do a little catching up, so here I am, and I have some awesome goodies to show you.

We have a brand new skin from Izzies, which is gorgeous!  Not that we'd expect anything less but Ginevra is a beaut!  We have a super cute hair from Wasabi Pills which is a must have.  We also have new Belted Flair Jeans from Auxiliary that you can pick up at The Dressing Room Fusion.  Hmm.. What else do we have?  We have cool new releases from Bamboo Nails in the form of Celtic, Darkside, and Laugh Love Dream.  And last but not least we have a new release from sexZ that all you boobie applier fans must have, as well as two tanks that are free for the Hello Titty Hunt.  (You can wear all of these without the appliers too and they're just as cute so don't let that stop you from grabbing them!)  Have a peek!

(NEW - sexZ CropTops (Pink Knit & DarkBlueStripes)

(Hello Titty Hunt Tanks)

(NEW - Bamboo Nails)

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