Saturday, May 5, 2012

Aura Vip's!

There are big changes coming to Aura, well the VIP group anyway.  As of midnight, May 12th the cost for joining the VIP group will be going up.  But with it you'll be getting some pretty great bonus', including 15% credit reward on single purchases and 20% on fatpacks.  There will also be a gift wall so you don't have to worry about missing those great VIP gifts!  The group is just 250L to join right now, so get in before the price goes up! 

Speaking of VIP group gifts.. Tyr has some great ones out right now for you!  She has a pair of her new Class Act Jeans out in moss with ornate burnt detail and a green version of her Boho Ruffle Tops.  Have a look and then stop by Aura to see for yourself!  (Ps.. you can also pick up another pair of the Class Act Jeans that are set out as the Yolo hunt gift!)


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