Friday, September 2, 2011

Your very own Command Ship!

When I saw that Luca Python had dropped me a little something I was all excited. I love his store, [-Blue Sky-]. So I couldn't wait to sign in and see what I had waiting for me. What I found was a skybox designed as a 'Tron Command Ship'. It's epic and if you're a fan of Tron you must check this skybox out. I had to snap you a few pictures to show it to you. I even dressed up for the occassion! Sorry I didn't decorate.. unfortanately I don't have anything fitting a command ship! lol But the box is fab even without furniture! Oh, and did I mention that from September 8th till the 15th it's going to be FREE on the lucky board.  Everyone needs a ship to command.. right?  Have a look!

(PS.. no, you don't get mountains as your lovely view out your window. I just didn't realize I was quite so low. lol)

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