Saturday, March 12, 2011

Newness abound from Cynful / Republic / Ilaya

I've got a lot of new stuff for you today!  Tons of new goodies from Cynful, including some fantastic items that will donate to PCF tragedy, a gorgeous new skin from Republic and new poses from Ilaya.

First up are those items that you're going to want to run and grab to help with the donating effort for the Japan earthquake.  Cynful has out a fantastic version of her new RaRa shirts as well as two colors of Leather Tops.

Left to right:  Random / Hearts / Dots  (Also shown and NEW is the Ginny Skirt in light blue

Leather Tops (Left: Plain Black / Right:  Plain Pink)

The skin I'm wearing in all the pics today is the new one I mentioned above from Republic.  She's called Estelle and I'm wearing the Porcelain shade with charred makeup.  She's gorgeous and you get tons of makeup options.  Teresa really did an amazing job on her.

Next up from Cynful we have a few more of those RaRa Tops, a great pair of skinny jeans (these are going to be out for Lazy Sunday tomorrow!), and the March Special.

(Left to right:  RaRa Top (black) & Modest Skinny Jeans / March 2011 Special Item / RaRa Top (RichRed) & Modest Skinny Jeans)

Last but not least would be the poses!  All the poses in Pic 1 and 3 are new from Ilaya and are from Girl Pose Set & the Look Up Set.  Not quite as new but the pose in pic 2 is courtesy of Hopscotch and was out for Disco Deals.

Whew!  That was a lot of stuff!  Make sure you stop by these great stores and check all this great stuff out for yourself!

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