Friday, March 11, 2011

March CHIC Limited - ANA!

I discovered one thing doing this post.. butterfly's are not overly easy to dress!  I bet that's something you never knew.. it's not something I'd think I'd ever have to know, but when I saw this Butterfly Specimen Box that ANA has out for CHIC Limited this month I knew I had to give it a go.  Turns out butterflies look cute in frilly underwear and bras.. who knew, right?   Okay, so don't pay to much attention to the clothes (you've seen them about a million times anyway through out the feeds) but the box is absolutely cute!  It comes with 15 different wing designs, 7 backgrounds and 18 poses!  (And apparently I can't crop a straight picture.. though I'm pretty sure I was just zoomed wrong and therefore bigger on top then bottom but I swear in reality it's not out of proportion.  Blogger fail! Well, look at the box and I'll stop rambling at you!)

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