Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Anticipation is Over!

First and foremost I wanted to welcome Chaotic Monday to my blog! I'm so excited to have her as a contributor to The Clothing Asylum! And this is our first collaborative post too. \O/ So on to the actual post!

Two of my most anticipated stores of 2010 (2011?) are finally open!  Illusory and Aura!  I managed to stay away from Illusory the first day it opened because I knew exactly what would happen... can we say shopping spree? lol Yea, my willpower isn't very good, what can I say? So I left the store a whole lot more broke after buying the brown goat socks, horns, and the Tanned Paige (stained) skin. I also had to stop by Aura before I left and join the group, which is where I picked up the super cute Taking it easy mini I'm wearing, which is one of, like, six or seven group gifts Tyr has laying out around the store. Definitely worth the $400 entry fee for the group. Soooo...  wanna see all this stuff I've been blathering on about? Of course you do!

Aren't we just adorable?  Here's one more pic for you, just because I loved the way it turned out.  lol  Hope you like it too!

~Style Card~


Skin - Illusory - Paige_Tan - Stained B1
Hair - Exile - Steph (russet) *New*
Eyes - Plastik - Frozen Soul (Turtle)
Lashes - Je suis - Apparence::Lashes:: No.001
Horns - Illusory - Horns 1A
Face Paint - Visavi - Warpaint/Surrrender
Collar - Pink inc. - Take the Lead Choker *new*
Dress - Aura - Taking it easy *group gift*
Cuffs - Pink inc. - Soma Cuffs (Black/Gold) *new*
Nails - Je suis/Naive - Nails No.01::Reds
Goat (Ears/tail/legs) - Illusory - Goat Socks (brown)


Skin - Plastik - Lionheart HiDef Fable August Pout
Hair - Ploom - Christy (Ink)
Horns - Illusory - Horns 1A
Eyes - Negaposi (Grave & Sepia)
Necklace - Miss 80's Crow Queen
Dress - Luck inc - Petite Red
Nails - SiniStyle - Taped Fingers & Black Nails
Bracelet 1 - Edge Graphica 37 bracelet (Black2 & White)
Bracelet 2 - AHC - Single Spiked Wristband
Goat (Ears/tail/legs) - Illusory - Goat Socks (Black)

Pic 1 - Glitterati - The perfect excuse to buy a poofy dress
Pic 2 - Oh My Stars - The Sweets

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