Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tattoos & Leggings & Poses.. Oh My!

I have a couple things to show you today so apologies if this gets lengthy! I have some very delicious new leggings from Khush and a couple very hot tattoos curtesy of Onyx Wear. Let's start with those tattoos, hmm? And a pair of those hot new leggings.. I do need something to hide the lower bits. First one up is called Muertos and is a full color Día de los Muertos style sleeve + shoulder tattoo. The detail on this one is fab. I'm really loving it. And I paired up with the new Zipped Leggings from Khush in teal. Oh and the nip tape is included with the tattoo!

Next up we have Empty Heart Tattoo which is a black ancient tibetan calligraphy style tattoo. Very awesome in it's own right. I have this one set with with the same Zipped Leggings but in pink this time.

Okay, let's take a look at more of the leggings, shall we? Next up we have the very sexy, latexy goodness that is the Nexx Leggings. They come in an assortment of great colors as Liess always puts out. Here's a sample!

Let's just pretend we didn't notice that I accidently took off my Beautiful Life tattoo for that last shot, kay? Good! So back to the picture.. from left to right we have.. Purple / Black & Grey / Black & plum / Green

And one last quick mention because you don't want to miss a sale, do you? No, I thought not. These last two are part of a 50L discontinued special that Liess has on at Khush right now. It lasts for this week only so make sure you hurry, after all you can grab these two great colors of Nexx.

I also must mention that the poses I used in the last two pics for the Nexx Leggings are new from Slash Me Poses and are part of the Jeans shops pose pack. Make sure to give these a look too. It's a great little pack!  I'll show you more of them in coming posts.

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