Monday, November 15, 2010

Falltime Love

It's been awhile since I showed you any of the fab stuff you can pick up from the FTLO Fall Hunt so I thought today I'd rectify that.

I love sweater weather. I'd be perfectly good with it lasting all year. Expecially when you can snag cute sweaters like the one that Acid & Mala has out for you, which I matched with this very cute necklace, curtesy of Ol' Dirty Bastards. There, you have the perfect fall outfit to go with your favorite pair of jeans (in this case from aRAWRa, not from the FTLO hunt).

And what says Fall more then acorns lying all over the ground? How about this giant acorn from Just A Pose? Comes with three different versions. The two I'm showing you and one you can balance on. To cute!

Hope you're all enjoying the hunt! See you at the next FTLO event!

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