Sunday, October 17, 2010

A little of this and that..

This post truly started out with a clear mission but it slowly deviated when a couple friends joined me.

First there was Melita. We ended up sat in front of this great hay bail conversation set that Tweety from T&A Designs sent out in her group awhile back. We're both wearing a couple of the great tshirts you can pick up from LiQSuM. Mine is called Goth Fairy and Melita is wearing Sofa King. The very cute bat necklace, that I promise a better picture of soon, is a new release from Concrete Flowers and comes with earrings and ring to match. And last but not least are those great orange cuffs from Bubble. You'll be able to pick those up tomorrow at the FTLO Halloween grounds for the start of their Gatcha Festival. They come in tons of great colors so make sure you snag them while you can!

And then we gained Angel and the Down on the Farm pose from Adorkable was a must. I swear they're plotting to dump me at any moment. You gotta watch those two.. they were plotting.. I know it.


Oh and I forgot to mention the skin.. how I forgot the skin is beyond me because it's my fave purchase as of late! The one I'm wearing in all of the above is the Project Themory release from Tyranny D/Gryxdale. Teagan is available in three great shades for only 75L a skin! Make sure you grab it while you can! Hope everyone's having a great weekend! I know I am!

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