Thursday, July 22, 2010

More Summer of Love

In my last two posts about the Summer of Love I covered all the goodies you could get for free. Now here are some of the outstanding things you can buy from some of my favorite SL designers.

Like the offerings from Plastik. I love love love just about everything she does. Her work is amazing and she certainly didn't leave anything out when she put this one together. Comes in two different colors, other then the one seen below, and each dress comes with it's own unique tattoo.

Another of the goodies, the Oversized Boyfriend Shirt (Lavender), was put out by Shush.

These great tshirts (Dorkilicious & I don't need your attitude) from T-Junction were an absolute must have.

And last but not least.. there was just so much great stuff it was hard just to pick a handful of things! These great tees came from Izzie's . And if you look really close to my right hand you can see the Flutterby ring from Awesome Blossom. Forgot the closeup.. shame on me.

Others (not from the fair):

Skin - Red Riding Hood Skin (fawn) - Nomine
All hair in this post is from Calla
Wrapped & Chained Choker from Skream

(in last picture)
Bracelet - Crazy Lady Bangles ( Webby Pink) - Ticky Tacky
Shoes - [GOS] Expadrilles in Pink

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