Wednesday, July 21, 2010

So many deals.. so little time.

The Hellbop Car Wash sale is currently going on. This is always a fun sale to check out, not just for the fact that you can grab a lot of goodies at 10L$ a pop. (Yes, only 10L$!). Here's a few of the things I snagged while I was there. I'm still debating on whether to grab the skybox that goes with this couch, as I really do love my current house (though it's a prim hog) but for today I decided to grab the couch anyway. Can't say no to furniture in my favorite colors!

Here I am relaxing on it after a hard night of shopping!

And then there was this cute penguin shirt from Rezlpsa Loc and jewelry set from Ticky Tacky called Chaos Theory. I love pentagrams so it was kind of a must have.

Did I mention I picked up the skin while I was there too? Annie is special just for the sale and was put out by Schwarz. There are so many more deals to snag, these are just a few. I know I'll definately be going back again before it ends, you should too!

Also pictured..
(not from the sale)

Hair - Kiddy (Majestic) from Creatives
Pants - Sim-Kinen Love Jeans
Shoes - [Gos] Espadrilles in Sand

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