Thursday, July 10, 2014


I'm super excited to welcome my newest sponser, Perch!  Karisha is super sweet and she has some great stuff that you must check out!  I'm sooo in love with the Adore Bodysuit that I'm wearing in today's post.  It includes all the necessary appliers for all you implant lovers like me and the back is just gorgeous!

Also, you know you need some killer shoes to match that bodysuit, of course you do!  So make sure you  stop by the Cosmopolitan Sales Room to grab the killer Corina Heels I'm wearing, also by Perch!


Here's a look at the back.  Soo very pretty!  (Oops, I just realized I forgot the bow!  Bad Aly!  There's a cute bow that you can also add to the  back!)  Oh  and ps.. the bracelet that you can see in the below picture (though not very well, I'm sorry!) is this month's group gift from the store as well.  The group is 200L to join but definitely give it a look!


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