Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Army Kitty

New stuffies tonight!  Alterego is part of a couple hunts right now.  Among them is the Never Back Down Hunt and Toxxic has the cute outfit I'm wearing hidden for you. (belt not included.. that's from Pepper) Definately worth a search around the store.  And after you're done take a quick trip to Utopiah's booth at The Swag Fest for this adorable kitty makeup, complete with whiskers.  Loove this set.  It inspired me to pull out my ears and tails.  Something I don't do quite as much as I used to.  Last but definately not least is the hair.  Burley came out with three fantastic new releases a couple nights ago.  This is Stasia and she is definately my favorite.  Okay, so have a quick look at the pictures and then go check out all this great stuff for yourself!



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