Friday, October 5, 2012

Aly & Manda's Clothes for Prim Bewbies - Week 5

Hi!  Thought we were going to miss another week, didn't ya?  Well we might be just barely catching this week but we made it and this week we have some sexy dresses from Cynful for you.  The one I'm wearing was the group gift that Cynthia sent out to her scribo members awhile back and Manda's wearing a version of the dress that was out at the I Love SL Fashion Boutique.

We took a trip to the Missing Mile Gentleman's Club this week.  I think we have a future!  Well I do anyway, maybe not Manda, but shhhh!  Don't tell her I said that!  Gah!  She's reading this isn't she?  Ha!  Just kidding of course but what do you think?  Should we quit our day jobs?  Have a look and then make sure you stop by Manda's blog for all the details on what she's wearing!




~Style Card~

Skin - Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena) - Kumi (Peach/SmokeyMeow w/Spice Matte Lips-teeth)
Hair - Truth (Truth Hawks) - Ashlee (Auburn)
Piercing 1 - Puncture (Reeann Frost) - Eye Piercing (Inner & outer)
Piercing 2 - Pekka (Kathya Szczepanski) - Mysterious
Tattoo - Delusions (Whisper Mizin) - Web of Deceit
Necklace - Amorous (Matchbook Monday) - Triptych (Under The Weater)
Boobs - Lolas! (Sandi Moonites) - Push-Up 2.5
Dress - Cynful (Cynthia Ultsch) - T-Dress (Yellow)
Ring - P!nk Bandaid (Candeebee Bade) - Faith TwoRing
Nails - Izzies (Izzie Button) - Metallic Gradient Nails
Shoes - NCore (Claire Messenger) - Chic (Noir Intense)

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