Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Be.Hind Me

I've been sitting here singing away, 'Look at my behind, it is amazing' for most of the last hour.  I blame my child for this and the darn little songs he gets stuck in my head.  Anyway, it fits, not only for these amazing new jeans from LaPointe & Bastchild but also for the pose pack I'm using.  The poses are from Bent! and are called Be.hind and they're out at the event to help Gos get his cat, Archie, the medical care he needs after his horrible accident.  There's a ton of great stuff out at the Truth District so make sure you stop by!


So back to the jeans.. they do make my butt look amazing don't they?  But the front looks pretty amazing as well (as you'll see below).  I think these just became my very favorite pair of mesh jeans.  I really, really wanted to fatpack them but alas I talked myself out of it.  So what's so great about them?  The textures on them are absolutely fantastic, they come in three different lengths to suit whatever footwear you choose to wear with them, and they include two extra sizes from the normal standard sizing so they're sure to fit just about anyone.  Really, go demo them!

And on a sidenote the top, as I'm sure quite a few of you are aware is from ColdLogic.  You still have a few more hours to get there and grab some terrific deals during their sale.  It ends in the morning so make sure you hurry!


Really.. I almost ended this without mentioning the sneakers!  They've been all over the feeds so I'm sure you've seen them by now but they're from [JP]:dsg and they're completely color change and absolute love!  So after you're done trying on the jeans, if you haven't checked out these sneakers yet, do it!

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  1. It seemed that jeans looks great behind you. I think that its very stylish and lovely to look at. I know that you really look great on them along with that red long hair of yours.