Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Aly & Manda's Fashion for Prim Bewbies! Week One!

So I finally did it, I bought prim boobs.  Well, these are my second attempt.  Turns out I'm not a huge fan of Lola's.  Sad but true.  But then Manda bought these from Mused and I decided I'd give them a try too.  Love them!  So here we are!

With our new bewbies we decided to do a new weekly feature!  So, welcome to week one of Aly and Manda's Fashion for Prim Bewbies!  Each week we'll pick a store that makes appliers for their clothes and we'll feature them in our post.  This week we chose Elymode! (If you're a store owner that makes appliers for prim boobs and would like us to check out your stuff drop a notecard to Aly Warwillow or Manda Ferraris.)


Check out what Manda is wearing on her BLOG!

~Style Card~

Skin - Belleza (Tricky Boucher) - Lily V2 (pale7)
Hair - Magika (Sabina Gully) - Awkward
Piercing - Puncture (Reeann Frost) - Eye Piercing (Inner & outer)
Piercing - Pekka (Kathya Szczepanski) - Mysterious
Necklace - Amorous (Matchbook Monday) - Candy
Tattoo - UtopiaH (Petita Blackbart) - The Game of Death Tattoo
Bewbies - Mused (Madeea Nakamura) - Full Breasts v1.52
Shirt - Elymode (Elysium Eilde) - Averi Tank (Coral) **Includes Applier**
Watch - Splash (Jullya Albatros) - Grunge Watch (black)
Nails - Izzies (Izzie Button) - Cracked Nails
Skirt - Elymode (Elysium Eilde) - Averi Skirt (blue)
Shoes - Reek (Riq Graves) - Ikat Swell Sneaks

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  1. prims boobs look horrible! I would never wear them!