Wednesday, September 7, 2011


We all love new stores but what about those old favorites that sorta get lost in the shuffle?  When Mell McMahon of Gawk recently put out her new Darling Shirts I had to go check them out for myself.. and buy one or, umm, three of them.  I showed off the cuuute orange one the other day.  (Flip back to the last post if you missed it!) Anyway!  While wandering around the store I remembered how much I loved the store and went on a bit of a spending spree.. just a little one.. kinda little, yea, we'll go with that.  Part of my finds were these very cute brown and teal sports pants and top and the Olive Baggy Pullover and White Stitched Jeans that I decided to show off today.

AND!  I have something brand new for you too.  Bonnie Forder of Mushie just put out this adorable skin named Ema!  I'm wearing the fair shade and she comes with the cutest freckles (though there is a non-freckled version too but really why wouldn't you want the freckles?  They're adorable!).

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