Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

Happy Easter everyone!  Not only is it Easter but it's also Lazy Sunday!  Yay!  And Just-A-Pose has a super cute bunny pose prop for you just for Lazy Sunday!  It's absolutely adorable as you can see below.  I love him muchly!  You will too so make sure you snag him while you can!

I also have a terrific deal for you!  One of those adorable babydoll dresses above that are NEW at Cynful is only 60L right now as an Easter Special on Marketplace!  I love these dresses so much so you really must go HERE and grab it!  (It's the green one btw)

And one last tidbit because I couldn't end this without mentioning my hair.. the super cute bunny hair that I'm wearing is a group gift from Ploom.  250L to join the group but it is sooo worth it!

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