Monday, December 13, 2010

Ack! My pants!

Looking for something to do today, I got all bundled up and hit the slopes.  Fun times!  But then tragedy struck.. well, it struck my poor pants anyway, in the form of a broken belt.  These pants were waaay to big on me so I had it cinched good and tight but alas.. so I had to go home..  What a shame, I looked so cute today too.

Time for a new belt, I guess..

~Style Card~

Skin - Atomic - Illusory - FrostBite Winter Set (Paige)
Hair/Hat -Concrete Flowers - Toe Socks  **NEW**
Goggles -Intrigue co. - Black Ski Goggles (ZPH3)
Shirt - [NV] - Polar Stripes (black&white)  **NEW**
Pants - [NV] - UPS Pants (black)  **NEW**
Underwear -  +DV8+ - Love My Way Panties (Purple)
Socks -  Concrete Flowers - Sarsongs Bobble Hat Hair **NEW**

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