Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Have You Heard?

The little BIG Shop Event starts today!  Haven't heard about it yet?  The purpose of The Little BIG Shop Event is to encourage designers to stick together and share their talents. It primarely focuses on having established big shops help out little shops who havent quite grown by teaching them in their own way either how to manage or how to build, and make quality products. (from the group charter, I didn't come up with that on my own..).  I think it's awesome event and well worth checking out.. and not just because one of my favorite new found pose shops is in it.

And that store would be... Oh My Stars!  And the poses/props she has out for you are absolutely must haves!  Looove them!  First up for show is a great pose prop that you can pick up for only 1L, Pumpykin.

And there's this great little chair tree combo, Lost in Autumn, with three very cute poses in it.  Here's one of those poses..

And last but not least she has this great three person pose up for sale.  This one is called Can't Hold On.  Adorable!  (Thanks Angel & Lexie for helping me out with this one! <3)

All that's left now is going for yourself.. here's your ride!  Enjoy!

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