Thursday, October 7, 2010

More from CFC

So in my last post I told you about some of the great stuff sYs has out
for you at Call For Couture, let's cover three more amazing outfits that
you can snag once it opens. Are you excited yet? I know I am! This is
going to be an amazing festival, and it's for charity so you can't go

First up is with the Tiedtop, shown here in 'Flavor' and the Low Cut
Leather Pants in snakeskin. There are so many options I really had a
hard time choosing.. and I'm sure I'm probably going to end up with more
of these pants before it's all said and done.

Next up is Cynful. This one just jumped out at me and I knew it was a
must have. I absolutely love the socks and the black and hotpink.. it's
just a winwin all around.

And last but certainly not least because I absolutely love this one, is
from Line and is called Morphine. There are so many options on how you
can wear this outfit it's so easy to make it truly yours. You can leave
it as is, like I did in the pic below or you can layer it with your
favorite shirt dress to make it really wow. (Not that it isn't already
because it definately is!)

And I almost forgot the skin, shame on me. It's from Imabee and is also out at Call for Couture! Only 3 days till the doors open! Get ready!

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