Saturday, October 9, 2010

A little of this and that

I have a few things compiled here in one yummy blog. Where to start, where to start? How 'bout we start with the jewelry.

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that Acide was having a hunt, 20L an item, items for the guys and gals, Where here are two of those items you can snag. The piercing is the Kiss Me set and that cute little pierced tongue. Pique ma langue comes in pink and dark pink shades (pink shown). Both are an absolute steal at only 20L, and AcIde has so many great hunts going on right now you can snag all sorts of free goodies.

One more things from AcIde before we move on, those awesome bracelets below are her Fashion Rehab item, Bohemienne Bracelets V2. With all the colors in them they're sure to match any outfit you could pull out of the closet.

Now for a sample of the goodies from Rezlpsa that are out for FTLO & CFC. All the cute shirts below are out at FTLO right now. The cute striped one comes in colors such, as green, purple, and red (shown below). She also has a few cute halloween shirts out, two of which are shown below. (Ghost Polo, shown on left, and Jack-O-Lantern Polo, shown on right) And the jeans are only part of the awesomeness she has out for CFC. The Couture Jeans come in Red, Purple, Green, Blue, and Black (shown belown).

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