Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Suck My Kiss

Shitz N Giggles put out these great Pierced Prim Tongues today. Love at first sight, let me tell ya! Isis was sweet enough to share two of them with me. It was a hard decision because all six of them are absolutely fab but these two are definately my favorites. Check 'em out!

Version 5 (tattoo on the tongue says 'Suck me.'

Version 4

~Style Card~

Skin - *Leafy* Science of Sleep
Hair - Creatives Schizo (black)
Eyes - Shine Monet Iris
Tongue - -S.N.G Tongue Pierced V4
Ears - Visavi Epigon Ears (studded)
Necklace - Ticky Tacky Chaos Theory Necklace
Shirt - Snatch Thermal Tank Dress Top
Bracelet - Baubles Addiction Stacked Bangles Silver
Tattoo - Khush DreamOn Tattoo
Pants - WoE Reina Sweatpants (pink)

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