Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A touch of Nostalgia

Have you been to
Kosh and ConcreteFlowers?

I'm just loving this new outfit I threw together. Not sure if it's the costume jewelry and the bracelets that I most definately wore back in school or this awesome rainbow coloured bag that makes me love it more.

Kosh and Concrete Flowers have all sorts of great stuff to help you remember yesteryear as well as some amazing stuff for today.

Seen above:

Shirt - Popanz Knit Top (Citrus)
Bag - Hemp Shoulder Bag (checker)
Bracelet - Rainbow Shag Bracelet
Ring - Daizy Ring

Skin - Vee -dawn- flamingo
Pants - Ravens Woods Jeans -Blue-

Hair - Zami (Red: Copper) - Magika
Shoes - Grunge Flats - .::TSR::.

Now what are you waiting for go see for yourself! Here's your TAXI!

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