Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Stiletto Moody Anniversary

As painful as it was to manage, and after an hour (which is a lot less then some of the people I heard talking) of trying to teleport to the sim which was full, I finally made it to Stiletto Moody for her anniversary sale.. probably more in thanks to the sim crashing then people just leaving.. The lag was excrutiating as I newbie waddled my way to the back of the summer department to find the box with the group gift in and when I finally reached it I paid my linden, had it returned and waited.. and waited.. and waited some more. Feeling impatient I clicked again and tried to have it redelivered and OMG it finally was!. Yay! The shoes are fabulous! If you decide to brave the masses to try to snag your very own pair, firstly, you have to join the group(which is free) and then do yourself a favor and take all your scripts and your ao off. And last but not least, have patience!

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