Monday, July 26, 2010

Goodies from SMOTD

I was away over the weekend and when I got home I found this awesome box full of all sorts of goodies from Putrid Gloom, owner of Show Me on the Doll. Here are a few a couple of my favorites, though you can expect to see many more of her awesome designs soon!

I chose the Pure Brutality Dress, because it just went so well with the Noose and Crown of Wolf Teeth, which I loved. The shoes come complete with a hud to change your feet color and it's very easy to use, only took me a couple minutes to get a good match to the skin.

Take a closer look at this skin! It comes in 8 great shades. The perfect skin for all you undead dolls out there!

Also shown in the picture from SMOTD is the Birds and Butterflies Skybox. For a closer look at the skybox check out my Flikr page.

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