Saturday, December 27, 2014

Alterego & Pink Sugah

Pink Sugah has a great set of springy dresses out for you at this round of Going Bust.  It opens tomorrow, December 28th, and lasts for two weeks.  There are three versions out at the event, Blue (as shown below), Peonies and Rose.


The skin I'm wearing above and in the pictures below are from Alterego and are a special version of the Mayumi skin available on January 10th at OMGacha.  There are 20 available to be won in the gacha including 4 rares and an ultra rare which is the fatpack!  There are three different makeups available for the commons.  (These are number 01, 09 and 14.)


Each skin includes 2 brow options - black and no brow, 2 cleavage options, a no bits version, 1 version with no nips and 1 version with no vagina.  The rare versions consist of the darker skin tones.  I love the makeup on these!  (These are number 17, 18, 19 and 20).


Finally, I wanted to include the ad so you could see everything you have the chance to win in the fatpack!  Are you excited for OMGacha yet?!  Just two quick weeks till you can get your hands on these!


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