Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Maliyah is coming soon!

The full release of the new Maliyah skin from Alterego is due to drop on Friday and she is beautiful!! Toxxic has done six fabulous shades and has a bunch of extras for you.  First there are ten different lipsticks shades that are included.


She also includes eyeshadows, liners, freckles, different moles.. you have a lot of choices to help make Maliyah really your own.  Here's a few combinations I put together just to show you some of the variety.  The only thing I kept constant was the freckles because I just love them.


Last but not least, as I mentioned, she comes in six great shades.  All the pictures above were taken with the honey shade, my favorite, but they're all gorgeous!  Oh and I must mention that all of the above were taken with the Belleza body.  There are a pile of appliers for this skin.  I won't list them all but she's covered most of them.


So that's the skin in a nutshell!  Make sure you stop by Alterego on Friday to demo Maliyah for yourself!  Happy shopping!

Hair - Little Bones - Dark Chapel (Landslide)
Jeans - Lolita - Patsy Jeans (Grey)  **TBS/anyBODY**

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