Saturday, October 4, 2014

Candy Fair

Candy Fair (Sim 1 & Sim 2) started yesterday and I really meant to have this out to you before then but real life got in the way.  But better late then never and I really did want to show you some of my favorite goodies I picked up.  The ones I'm featuring today and will tell you more about are from  Panik, Pr!tty, Forever Young and EverGlow.

Starting at the top are the adorable Teddy Bear Ears from Panik.  These are just to cute not to pick up.  Really a must have.  Next down would be the super cutesy hair from Pr!tty.  This is the Ombre hud version.  Thought it was quite perfect for the look.  Next down would be the adorable shirts that I'm wearing in all three of the pictures below.  These are from Forever Young and are the Sugar, Bonbon and Sweet versions from top to bottom.  Last but not least for the items from the fair would be the ring that I picked up from the Pr!tty gatcha.  I'm wearing the Bubblegum version but there are quite a few different ones you can win.

And finally we get to the adorable poses!  These are the exclusive packs that Everglow has out at the fair.  Each set contains ten super cute poses but for the sake of pictures I picked five of my favorites from each pack to show you.  Make sure you stop by the fair to see the  complete packs.  Wow, so ya, tired of me rambling yet?  How 'bout we get to pictures!  Happy shopping!

EverGlow - Juicy

EverGlow - Sugar

EverGlow - Sweet

Skin - Aimi - Emily (Natural)
Pants - Forever Young - Denim Capris
Shoes - Erratic - Florence Espadrille (Multi)

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