Friday, March 15, 2013

Skin Fair - Sinful Needs

More highlights from Skin Faire 2013!  This year's lineup is fantastic.  Was trying to decide which my favorite fair is.. hair or skin and I think it has to be this one, but it's a close call!  I have a few more that I HAVE to share with you so make sure you stay tuned for more coming up tonight and tomorrow!

I had to show you the new skin that Galathir of Sinful Needs has out for you.  Juno is gorgeous and comes in eight skin tones with a slew of different eyeshadow and lipstick options.  Here's all the skintones with a scattering of the makeups you can mix and match!  (The skintone is found in parenthesis with the makeup option beside) Oh and btw, you can find his booth on Sim 1.


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