Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tomorrow Today Preview!

Have you heard about Tomorrow Today yet?  I'm sure you've seen mention of it on the feeds by now.  It's a fundraiser for Matchbook Monday.  For the full story behind the event check out Matchbook's blog here.  She can say it so much better then I can.

The event starts at midnight on the 30th of October and runs until the 30th of November.  Among the amazing designers that are taking part are [trs], Alterego, Amorous (of course!) and Wetcat (which I forgot to list on the pic.  They're responsible for the pose!)!  Have a look at what you can grab from them and stay tuned for more previews!


Skin - Mojo - Donna (Peach06) **NEW**
Hair - Truth - Josie (PumpkinPie) **NEW**

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