Sunday, August 5, 2012

Vintage Fair

As everyone surely knows by now.. Vintage Fair is OPEN!   I managed to get around most of it today and thought I'd show you some of my favorites so far.

First up is a picture I took just for fun earlier today but I really like it and I love this halter and jeans.  They're out from Auxiliary  (Aura & Illusory Collab).  The hair is also out at Vintage Fair from Wasabi Pills.  You can see it better below.


Two more looks for you and two great skins from Al Vulo!  The skin on the right is called Amanda and you can pick her up at the fair.  I'm wearing Gloria again from Wasabi Pills and the dress is out at the fair from Cold Logic.  You can also grab the shoes from the N-Core booth.

On the left I'm wearing Tabata, 1968 Hippie.  She's Al Vulo's gorgeous new group gift. She's available at the mainstore. The hair can be picked up at the fair from Ploom and finally the halter and pants are out from Seven.


To find your favorite store at the fair check out CHIC's map by going here!

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