Sunday, July 8, 2012

One Voice - Part 5

Sick of hearing from me yet?  I haven't blogged so much in a long time.  But this event is definately worth the effort.  This might be my last post.. umm... might, well, at least for tonight.  This time around we have stuff from Indyra, Mina Hair, Geometry, American Bazaar and more of that gorgeous Jade skin from Lara Hurley.  Oh, and another viewing of the hairs from Exile and Wasabi Pills, in new shades for you.   Have a peek!


Hair - MINA Hair - Charlize
Dress - Indyra - Celeste (blush)
Bracelet - Indyra - Sylph (Gold)
Shoes - Indyra - Coquette Noir-Kelsi Pumps (Starfish)


Hair - Wasabi Pills - Teeloh (Vanilla Pudding)
Dress - American Bazaar - Dotty Dress (Pinklow)


Hair - Exile - Break Away (Moonlight)
Dress - Geometry - Chic Fleur (Blue Fleur)

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