Monday, January 23, 2012

Perfect Wardrobe - Rainbows

A new session of Perfect Wardrobe has started and this round's theme is Rainbows.

First up a couple accessories.. annaA has a great new piercing out called Joy and Yuilicie has out two versions of rainbow plugs (version 2 is shown below).  Yuilicie also has out these cute sweatshirts called Behind the Rainbow.  They come in white and pink versions.

Here's a few of the great outfits you can pick up!  Check below for all the details!

From Left to right:

1.  Shirt - Sourires - Rainbow Shirt / Skirt - Delusions - Glitter Mini Skirt (black)
2.  Dress - Nestle My Bosom - Rainbow V-Neck Dress
3.  Dress - LC - POP Colorblock Dress
4.  Shirt - Sakide - Snuggly Rainbow Sweater / Leggings - Sakide - Rainbowed Shredded Leggings

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