Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Presents for you!

Today is the last day of the Dark Magic Winter event from Zombiepopcorn.  If you haven't been there yet.. well, why not?  There is so much great stuff to be had and the sim is beautiful!  Hurry hurry and go see for yourself.  This is your last chance!  And then after you're done there make sure you swing by the Jersey Shore Sim, where not only can you grab a few amazing deals during GFW but the 12 days of Christmas hunt is also going on.

~Style Card~

Skin - Al Vulo (Hlin Bluebird) - May (New Year Porcelain)  **Winterfest**
Hair - Wasabi Pills (MissAllSunday Lemon) - Clementine Hair (Cinnamon) **NEW**
Horns - Pepper (Danni Pfeffer) - Xmas Faun **NEW**
Eyes - ID (Audrey Lamede) -  Sparkle Eyes/High Contrast - Malachite
Piercing - annaA (Annalesca Ashbourne) - Weakness **Perfect Wardrobe**
Shirt - d.Select (Steffi Villota) - Sheer Cotton Sweater (rose)  **Dark Magic Winter**
Jacket - Ducknipple (Beanster Potato) - Open Jacket **MESH**  **NEW**
Jeans - Essencial (Livla Roux) - Snow Flake Jeans **12 Days of Winter**
Hooves - Epic (Jade Winthorpe) - Striped Knit Digi Warmers  **GFW**
Poses - Magnifique (Scarlet Chandrayaan) - I've Got Presents **GFW**

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