Saturday, August 20, 2011

52 Weeks of Color: Chartreuse

This 52 Weeks of Color Challenge is one that I know has scared a lot of people. it's chartreuse. Fortanately this one was an easy one for me thanks to one bulging folder from +DV8+. I knew all those bright colors would come in handy. I like how it came together! Hope you do too.

~Style Card~

Skin - Filthy (Alexandra Barcelos) - Paige (bronze 08)
Hair - Truth (Truth Hawks) - Nahla 2 (raven)
Mask - +DV8+ (Vasha Martinek) - Tyrant Mask
Katana - +DV8+ (Vasha Martinek) - Xevian MKII Cyber Katana
Outfit - +DV8+ (Vasha Martinek) - Tokyo 2081 (Chartreuse)
Boots - +DV8+ (Vasha Martinek) - Persephone Boots 2.0 (Chartreuse)


  1. Remind me not to mess with you! Sexy and dangerous!

  2. Great outfit you put together! Perfect green for this color challenge =)

  3. *runs* Wohhhaaaa scary but strangly sexy ;)

  4. Wow, craziest and most inspired outfit this week - love it!

  5. Love it, chartreuse is the color all those scary gases in movies is--that mask might be quite necessary!

  6. Kinda hot... but damn wouldn't wanna take you on in a fight!

  7. Oh my... wouldn't wanna meet you in a dark alley...
    very cool!