Friday, June 10, 2011

Sale Alert!

Have you stopped by Aura lately?  If not now is the perfect time to go!  Why?  Because they're having a huge sale!  50% off all clothes and accessories.  It started yesterday and goes until... until Tyr decides to end it.  lol  So better get yourselves down there and check it out before it's over!

~Style Card~

Skin - Filthy (Alexandra Barcelos) - Ana (Pale/Natural)  **NEW**
Hair - Exile (Kavar Cleanslate) - Esme:Roots-Stefani  **NEW**
Ears - Illusory (Crushed Clarity) - Elven Ear C4
Glasses - Gos ( Gospel Voom) - Intuition
Piercing 1 - Cobrahive (Chikane Kaligawa) - Gauged (Black/Silver)
Piercing 2 - PoM (Flirt Button) - Double Snakebites
Tattoo - Aitui (Jesseaitui Petion)  - Heart
Necklace - Pepper (Danni Pfeffer) - Summer
Shirt - Aura (Tyr Rozenblum) - Coming Undone - Jersey Top (rose)  **SALE**
Rings - Pepper (Danni Pfeffer) - Granny Rings
Pants - Aura (Tyr Rozenblum) - My Favorite Capri's (navy)
Anklet - Earthstones (Abraxxa Anatine) - Hippie Anklet (Color Trip)
Shoes - SLink (Siddean Munro) – Sheila Thongs (pink flowers)
Poses - Bent! (Catherine Fairport) - Gift du moment 1

Aura Sale Poster

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