Friday, June 17, 2011

FLF - June 17th

Friday Linden Friday is a great one this week so you want to be extra sure not to miss it.  I usually pick up an item here or there but I bought over half of them this time around, much as I probably shouldn't have.  lol

Some of my favorites have to be the Rad Sweatshirt from Tres Blah.  The 80's kid in me needed the very cute slate colored, off the shoulder sweatshirt.  The hair, named Again, is curtesy of Elikatira.  You get the whole essentials collection so if you're worried about being stuck with just one color that you're not sure about.. stop it and go buy it!  Then we have the shorts which are one of two offerings from This is a Fawn.  And finally we have those very cute sneakers thanks to Reek

So I neglected to mention one thing above because it really deserved it's own viewing, and that's the Serious Freckles from L.Fauna. They come in pale, dark, and tan and each shade has two different versions.  This is tan, version 1.

There are a few other items that I just couldn't fit into this post without making it to long, so make sure you take the trip to each of the stores.  It's worth it!

Oh and PS.. those awesome underwear that I'm wearing come in five great colors and are new at Glue Ink! Stop by and show Becks and Andi some love when you're done with FLF!

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