Monday, June 6, 2011

Adorkable & Di's Opera @ CH1C

I love poses.  It's no secret.  It's half the reason I started blogging.  I love collecting poses and, of course, taking pictures and there are two great pose sets out for you at CH1C.  First up we have Gussy Up by Adorkable.

The very cute dress from Rezlpsa Loc, Earrings from LacieCakes and those sexy sexy heels from !haut.monde are all also available at CH1C!

Second up we have a rockin' pose set from Di Hoorenbeek of Di's Opera called Rock Star.  Who hasn't wanted to be a Rock Star at one time or another or at least became one, in their own mind in the middle of their living room?  This is for all you wanna be rockers out there!

Also shown (well as much as you can see thru the guitar, sorry!) are Boom's contribution to the festivities.  These are the CH1C birthday edition of the Feel Free Shorts.

These poses are so much fun!  Make sure you stop by CH1C and have a look for yourself!

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