Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Sneak Peek Time!

Yay!  Pure Juice opens in mere days and wait till you see what they have in store for you!  This is just a mere sampling of the fabulous stuff that you can pick up while you're there.  It opens March 5th so you still have a few days to go but it'll definately be worth the wait.  Have a look!

Abode has out this amazing house for you.  It's gorgeous!  The above pic and the one below are both part of the house.  I absolutely love love love the dress I'm wearing in the above pic from Cool Beans.  It just screams summer to me and I am so very ready for that.  Oh and did I mention the shoes are included with the dress?

This furniture set, called Copa Set, from ViVaLaViDa is also one of my faves of the event.  Not to be outdone by that terrific shirt I'm wearing thanks to the Secret Shop.  If you haven't been to the Secret Shop yet, go!  Well, finish reading and then go!  You have plenty of time to do so while you're waiting for the event to open.

And last but not least I spent some time in the very cute Girltalk Hut from Tasty.  In this last pic I'm wearing Ragamuffin from Somnia.  It's adorable with the patched pants.  The pants come in a few different colors FYI.  I'm wearing the blue ones above.  In the last two pics I've also been wearing the Charlotte Flats from Replubic.  Almost forgot to mention them!  Oops!

Hmm.. what have I missed.. Oh yes, in all the pics above, the eye makeup is also found at Pure Juice and is from Elegant Epiphany.  The lashes (the plain ones in the pack, there are a few different colors to choose from) are from a.e.meth and there a tattoo layer so none of that horrible adjusting to try to make them fit just so.  I love prim lashes but gods I hate trying to make them fit.  I'm absolutely inept at it.  And finally those cute poses in all the pics above are from Di's Opera and will be available at the event.

Oh and PS.. in the first pic, the super cute furniture is made by my friend Nae (Chaotic Monday) and is all available on Marketplace.

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  1. What an adorable little dress from Cool Beans! Never heard of it... thanks for the adorable post! <3